What is the difference between a Cologne, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, Parfum? 

Fragrance traditionally exists in 4 forms.  The difference between Cologne, EDT, EDP and Parfum is the amount of fragrance oil used in each one. Form is determined by the percentage of perfume oil and alcohol in the finished solution.  There are no set rules for fragrance type and it is typically based on the fragrance’s olfactive construction.  For example, an EDT could be anywhere from 5% to 20%.

Fragrance Structure

There are 3 parts to a fragrance.  The first impression or the Top Note is where you get the first impact of the fragrance and is where the freshness and sparkling notes are.  Those notes are mostly citrus, green, aromatic, marine and aldehydic notes.  The Middle Note, also called the Heart of the Fragrance, is where the body, the personality and the complexity lives.  This is where you find your fruity, floral, spicy and herbaceous notes.  The Base Note, or the memory of the fragrance, is where the depth, long-lastingness and comfort live.  This is where you’ll find your woody, amber/vanilla, musk, resin and powdery notes. 

Best way to apply?

Pulse points (wrists, neck, inside elbow, behind knees) are best.  You should never rub your wrists together because the oils from your unsprayed skin may impact the odor.  Let the fragrance dry naturally.

Explain the relationship with Perfumers?  How do we work with them?

Perfumers are the creators of the fragrance.  People may not even know who a Perfumer is.  The fragrance team consists of Perfumers, Evaluators, Technical, Sales and Marketing.  The whole team meets together and talks about the concept and the fragrance direction.  The market and fragrance trends are very important and are looked at because they influence the creative process.  It’s the Evaluator’s job to meet with the Perfumers and work with them modifying the fragrances to get the best possible idea for the customer.  This is a back and forth process that involves smelling on blotter and skin and most importantly wearing the fragrances and experiencing them.  The end product is the masterpiece which is then presented to the customer.

How would we describe UNIFY to someone? 

UNIFY is a Unisex/Genderless/Shared collection of beautiful scents that cover different fragrance notes and moods.